Snibe announced a global strategic cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific

Release Date:2019-08-31

From August 29thto 31st, 2019, the 15thNational Congress of Laboratory Medicine (NCLM 2019), hosted by Chinese Medical Association and Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine, was held at Suzhou International Expo Centre.

The Total laboratory automation solution SATLARS-TCA, a brand new product jointly developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific and Snibe, was launched officially and became the focus of the congress.

Product Launch of SATLARS-TCA

Participants include Prof. Wang Chengbin,Head of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine and director of Chinese PLA General Hospital Medical Laboratory; Prof. Cong Yulong, Head of Chinese Geriatrics Society and former president of Chinese Society of Laboratory Medicine; Prof. Sunil Sethi, Presient of APFCB, Executive Board member of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC), and Dr. Helen Martin, secretary of APFCB and former president of AACB (Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists).

Product of the joint efforts of the two giants

As the first CLIA manufacturer who gets FDA cleared in China, Snibe has been focusing on In Vitro diagnostic area since its establishment. To date, Snibe has built business relations with more than 140 countries and regions and has more than 11,000 units of installation all over the world.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, with annual revenue exceeding $24 billion and a global team of more than 70,000 employees, is the world leader in serving science and the Giant in laboratory equipment manufacturing,

The Joint development and launch of SATLARS-TCA by a leading CLIA company in China and the world leader in laboratory equipment manufacturing marks Snibe’s entering the intelligent laboratory race.

Mutual development under strategic cooperation

At the SATLARS-TCA signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xiaohong, Vice President of Snibe and Mr. Roberto Mendes, President of Thermo Fisher Scientific Automation Product Line signed the global strategic cooperation agreement.

The Signing Ceremony

Guests and Representatives from Both Sides

Witnessing the launch

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Xiaohong delivered a welcome speech to the attendees, followed by the excellent speeches respectively by Prof. Wang Chengbin, Prof. Cong Yulong, Prof. Sunil Sethi and Mr. Roberto Mendes.

As the guests pressing the launch button, SATLARS-TCA was unveiled and came in the spotlight.

The advantages of the SATLARS-TCA solution can be listed as follow:

① Greatly reduce the laboratory operating costs.

② High test efficiency with the combination of Snibe fully-automated CLIA system MAGLUMI®X8 (600Test/Hour) and Biochemistry analyzer (will be launched soon).

③ Lower space requirement and higher space utilization

Combining all these advantages, SATLARS-TCA matches the development goals of modern medical laboratories in terms of automation, informatization and intelligence, featuring with super flexibility, high throughput and scalability. This system provides a customized solution for global medical laboratories and brings better service to patients all over the world.

Please find more product details about SATLARS-TCA on the link of