Snibe's Trailblazing Presence at the AACC/ADLM 2023

Release Date:2023-07-28

 The 2023 ADLM/AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, held at the prestigious Anaheim Convention Center from July 25-27, 2023, witnessed an impressive display of innovation and excellence from over 900 exhibitors and attracted more than 20,000 medical professionals worldwide. Snibe captivated the audience with its cutting-edge products and revolutionary technologies.

This time, Snibe's booth at the expo came alive excitedly as it unveiled the highly anticipated MAGLUMI X-Series. Comprising the compact MAGLUMI X3, the flexible MAGLUMI X6, and the ultra-speed MAGLUMI X8, this remarkable series demonstrated Snibe's pioneering X-Tech, delivering an exceptional experience of top-tier performance to laboratory professionals and visitors.


At the same time, Snibe's biochemical series was a star attraction at the exhibition, spearheaded by the Biossays C8 fully automatic biochemical analyzer. With an impressive throughput of 1600 t/h in a single module and seamless integration with the ultra-high-speed CLIA analyzer MAGLUMI X8, it presented an unparalleled solution for medium- and large-sized hospitals and laboratories. Additionally, the Biossays E6 Plus impressed on-site, offering precise detection of various electrolytes, perfectly tailored for the needs of small and medium-sized laboratories.

In addition, Snibe's prowess in molecular diagnostics was on full display as it showcased the Molecision R8 Fully-Automated Molecular Diagnostics System and the Molecision MP-32 Fully Automatic Nucleic Acid Purification System. These groundbreaking solutions left a lasting impression on attendees, emphasizing Snibe's commitment to offering a comprehensive range of clinical diagnostic advancements to its global customers.


With an impressive 28-year track record in the in vitro diagnostics field, Snibe's products have already reached over 151 countries and regions worldwide, with more than 25,000 installations globally. The company's unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive services and top-quality products continues to advance the global healthcare industry. Thanks for your participation at the 2023 ADLM/AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, and looking forward to see you next time at ADLM 2024 in Chicago!!