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Snibe Collaborates with PKU SBMS to Launch Multicenter Study of HCC

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the common malignant tumors. Due to the insidious onset, most patients with HCC have lost the opportunity for effective treatment when diagnosed, resulting in a low survival rate. It is urged to develop more effective diagnostic strategies to improve the early detection rate. Aiming to further explore the clinical application of serological indicators in early screening and diagnosis of HCC, the School of Basic Medical Sciences Peking University (SBMS, PKU) held an online meeting on June 25, 2022, to officially announce the launch of the project: Multicenter Study in Evaluating the Combination of Multiple Indicators in HCC Screening. Snibe is the exclusive industry supporter.


This research project adopts the "1+1+10" mode of multi-center research, which is "industry-university-research" cooperation led by the SBMS, PKU, sponsored by Snibe, and collaborated with 10 hospitals. Dean of SBMS, PKU, Prof. Wan You, project initiator, Prof. Lu Fengmin, Chairman of Snibe, Dr. Rao Wei, and experts from the collaborating hospitals have attended this online kick-off meeting.

Prof. Wan You pointed out that the risk assessment of HCC based on the big data of Chinese chronic hepatitis B population can help to provide an effective method for early screening and diagnosis of HCC. During the online meeting, all participants exchanged their opinions and agreed that it is of great significance for the early diagnosis of liver cancer.


Online kick-off meeting held on June 25th

The multicenter project is scheduled to begin in July, 2022. As the industry supporter of the multi-center research project, Dr. Rao Wei, Chairman of Snibe, expressed his gratitude to the organizer and collaborators of this project on behalf of the company. He mentioned that Snibe will provide full support and cooperation to the project, with the expectation of the transformation from research results to clinical applications.